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Venice Beach is an ideal location for surfers of almost all levels. With a long, rolling inside reform that is perfect for beginners and a heavier, more challenging outside section that's great for more advanced surfers looking to hone their skills, Venice Beach is an awesome location for a surf lesson. The wide, spread-out peaks make for fewer crowds in the water and give beginners the space and opportunities they need to advance in their surfing.

Our students regularly see dolphins in the lineup, and with stunning views of the Santa Monica Pier, Malibu, the Palos Verdes peninsula, and the world-famous Venice Boardwalk, surfing at Venice Beach is a great way to get a peek into local life.

In the 1970s in Venice, a young group of boys dominated a very local line-up and earned a lasting name for themselves as the Z-boys. After a drought in the mid-70s rendered most LA pools empty, the Z-boys were given the opportunity to make "lemonade of lemons" and they very quickly invented pool skating, as a way to practice surfing on land. Today, Venice Beach boasts a large, free skate-pool just between the beach and the boardwalk in homage to this era.

Today's lineup has also become a more friendly place welcoming surfers of all levels, however, the impact that the Z-boys had, both in Venice and throughout the whole world, has been long lasting and has greatly affected surf/skate culture. The rich history that connects Venice to the skate/surf scene adds to the experience while learning to surfing here and makes it even more special.
Venice Beach is an iconic LA landmark and a favorite amongst both locals and tourists. With street performers, artists, skateboarders, surfers, bicyclists, celebrities and everything in between, Venice Beach is a great place to shop, eat, and people watch. From the boardwalk, it's a short walk to the Venice Canals, where visitors can walk through the canaled neighborhoods which mimic those of Venice, Italy, and are responsible for giving the area its name. Main Street and Abbott Kinney Blvd. are also nearby, and are summer hotspots for those looking to window shop, grab a drink or have lunch.

Having been featured in numerous movies and TV shows, Venice beach has become a world-famous destination because of its rich and diverse artistic counterculture. A place where surfers, skaters, performers, and musicians all come together, Venice Beach is arguably the most popular area in all of Los Angeles.